Truckers Opinion on the New Tesla Cybertruck

tesla cybertruck

Elon Musk and Tesla never seem to have a dull moment.  They’re also masters of publicity.  Even though they don’t  spend a dime on traditional advertising, they always seem to be dominating the new cycle for one reason or another.

YouTuber’s TechKaboom decided to hit the streets and get the opinion from traditional ICE truck owners to see what they thought of the nw EV Cybertruck! It’s quite the entertaining watch. When one Canadien was asked about the bulletproof Cybertruck body style, he said  ‘I don’t see why I would need a Bulletproof truck in Canada. But if I lived in the US I can understand that’”

Overall, people seem receptive to the idea but aren’t sold on the body style.  In any case, check out the video below.

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