LEAKED: Tesla Model Y Prototype!

Tesla is rolling out more Model Y prototypes for testing and we are getting to see the new electric crossover in new colors, including now a beautiful new bright red prototype spotted at Gigafactory 1.  Earlier this month, a Model Y prototype was spotted being tested around Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto and since then, there has been a more steady stream of Model Y sightings.

There’s never a dull moment in the world of Tesla.  This week, we reported on a bunch of Tesla Model Y vehicles with new wheels spotted on a carrier near the factory and later, a beautiful new Model Y Midnight Silver prototype was spotted in Fremont.

The same prototype was spotted in Washington state just the next day – indicating that Tesla likely started long-distance testing for the Model Y program.

Now a new Model Y prototype in bright red has been spotted at what appears to be Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada (via @TeslaOwnersofMA on Twitter):

Like several previous prototypes, it features a chrome delete, but this one is all-black and contrasting with the color of the body, which makes for an interesting look.

The prototype also appears to be charging at Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, where Tesla plans to produce the Model Y’s drivetrain and battery pack.

In March, Tesla unveiled the Model Y, an all-electric crossover based on Model 3 with up to 300 miles of range.

The automaker said that it plans to bring the vehicle to production in fall 2020.

We recently learned that Tesla is working on a fifth assembly line at the Fremont factory as the automaker is preparing the production of its fifth electric vehicle.

Tesla says that the Model Y production program is going to require a much lower capital investment than Tesla’s previous programs due to efficiency improvements and the new crossover SUV sharing 70% of its parts with the Model 3.

We expect to see more Model Y prototype sightings in the coming months as Tesla test the electric vehicle ahead of the start of production – we will keep you posted!

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