Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack Specs and Review

Model 3 Roof Rack

Although the Model 3 has a decent amount of storage, for those road warriors, they need more! When the official Tesla Model 3 roof rack was released, there were a bad batch that had the hardware cracking rendering the $450 roof rack useless and dangerous!

The Model 3 Roof Rack was designed and engineered from the ground up for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, minimal interior noise and impact to range. The ultra-sleek attachment mechanism makes for easy installation at home while blending in seamlessly.

Attachment compatibility: The aluminum cross bars on the roof rack feature T-slots to seamlessly mount compatible attachments such as ski racks, bike racks and cargo boxes.

Load rating: 150lbs

Construction: Aluminum powder-coated cross bars; die-cast towers with integrated locks.


Reddit user “egaertner” compared efficiencies of using the roof rack:

As winter arrived I was excited to strap a roof rack on my Model 3 and take it to the mountains. I quickly discovered little information out there about how it would impact the range. Given the long cold uphill drive and variable weather conditions, I was determined to find the highest efficiency setup and characterize it for route planning. I started with a stock TM3 LR AWD, keeping as many variables constant as possible, and did 20+ runs up and down the highway gathering data. I tested with both the SeaSucker Monkey Bars and Tesla’s Roof Rack, with various configurations of snowboards, carriers, and fairings.

Charts and raw data: https://imgur.com/a/vwh21wS

​TL;DR compared to stock TM3 LR AWD 18″:

Tesla Roof Rack — 1.6% range loss
Tesla Roof Rack + Yakima FatCat 6 Evo — 17.3% to 19.6% range loss
SeaSucker Roof Rack + Thule 91725 Flat Top Ski Carrier — 26.7% range loss
Aero Wheel Caps Removed — 5.4% range loss

Results and Real World Impact:

At the end of the day I care about how much time I spend on the road. To that end I plugged the Wh/Mi figures for each config into ABetterRoutePlanner to see how they would impact the round trip driving time to my favorite ski resorts.

Versus Baseline 1. No Aero Caps 2. SeaSucker 3. Tesla Rack + T-Slot 4. Tesla Rack 5. Tesla Rack + Fairing 6. Tesla Rack Only
Wh/Mi Δ 5.7% 36.4% 24.4% 23.0% 21.0% 1.6%
Range Δ -5.4% -26.7% -19.6% -18.7% -17.3% -1.6%
Time Δ +7 minutes +44 minutes +28 minutes +26 minutes +24 minutes +2 minutes

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