Tesla is releasing a new Dashcam Feature!

Model 3 Cameras

It’s been one of the most requested features for Tesla drivers and teased by Elon for over a year – access to the multiple cameras onboard!  Elon finally responded, via tweet as he normally does, that dashcam access will have a beta release in the next software update to version 9.0.  What prompted this?  Unfortunately, someone’s Model 3 was heavily keyed in a parking lot.  With all of the cameras on board, having access would have allowed the owner to see the culprit.  Model 3 Owners Club on twitter said, “Worst case of Tesla hate I’ve ever seen. Truly unbelievable. Picture via Canadian Tesla Model 3 Facebook group.”

Keyed Tesla Model 3

Over The Air Updates & V9 Leaks

One huge advantage of being a Tesla driver is the ability for the car to improve it’s performance without the owner ever having to step foot into a garage.  The over the air updates are pushed to all vehicles worldwide from the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California.  The newest V9 software update is the biggest one in over 2 years – so to say people are excited about it is and understatement.

Not much is known about the newest update to V9 but there has been plenty of speculation.  However, Fred over at Electrek.co got a sneak peak of the leaked software – read the article here.

We can see the similar design as in the Model 3 with windows popping up inside the main window instead of having simply two windows with two different applications splitting the screen in two like in the current Model S and Model X software.  The menu is now strictly at the bottom and the navigation app serves as the main window/background.  The navigation system has also been updated with a new UI and it includes new features like waypoints.  Hughes also found a new feature called ‘Drive on Nav’ which is listed under the other Autopilot features in beta.

How much phantom drain on the battery happens with the Model 3?  Check on the 48 hour experiment here.

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