Do Tesla Model 3’s Hold Their Value Over Time?

High demand has gained the all-electric Tesla Model 3 top place in a list of vehicles – including internal combustion engine cars – in a new study analysing retention of value.  It’s more or less assumed by anyone buying a new car that as soon as it is driven off the lot you can immediately […]

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The Truth About Tesla Batteries

Tesla Gigafactory Model 3

The Truth about Tesla’s Batteries If you’re thinking about a Tesla, you’ve undoubtedly heard about how cheap they are to fill up, how little maintenance they require, and with recent Model 3 Production ramp ups, we’re on the verge of absolute Tesla ubiquity. But one of the questions that we believe keep potential buyers up […]

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Tesla Crosses 200K Sale Mark

Tesla Model 3 in Red

Tesla Model 3 production is ramping up and deliveries are increasing across the United States.  They have confirmed that Tesla has hit the 200,000 vehicle sales and Elon has claimed that the Model 3 has become the top selling small to midsize luxury car in the United States.   CleanTechnica gathered data to produce a […]

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