Warning: Winter is Coming – Prep your Model 3

Tesla Model 3 officially becomes best-selling premium vehicle in the US

Tesla’s official Model 3 all-weather floor mats arrived in the office last week and with the winter rapidly approaching, is it worth the investment? The Model 3 all-weather floor mats, which are produced by WeatherTech, help you to prepare your vehicle for the harsh winter months ahead, all while remaining good looking. But temper your expectations, because these mats may not provide the protection you expect. Watch our hands-on video walk through for more details.


  • Front and rear floor mats
  • Hook-and-loop fastener patches on front mats to keep them securely fastened to the floor
  • Locking system to keep rear mats in place
  • 10mm sidewall to help trap liquid and debris
  • Channels to trap liquid and debris
  • Thermoplastic elastomer material
  • 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC
  • Exclusive grid pattern crafted by Tesla’s Design Studio
  • Price: $145

Tesla’s all-weather interior floor mats are available via the official Tesla online store while Weathertech are available for other cars through Amazon.

If you live in environments that have a significant amount of cold weather and precipitation, then all-weather floor mats are a great investment. They help to trap water, snow, ice, dirt, salt, and various other debris. All-weather floor mats can help you avoid basically, anything that you don’t want to migrate to the floor beneath.

Video review


WeatherTech is one of the most popular third-party providers of floor mats for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, and my experience with them has generally been positive. One of the things that WeatherTech is known for is its laser cut custom fit floor mats that perfectly fit inside your vehicle’s interior. In other words, these aren’t the same cheap one-size-fits-all floor mats that you’ll find at your local auto store.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Unboxing the official Tesla Model 3 all weather interior floor mats

In particular, WeatherTech mats are known for their high side walls, which help to trap copious amounts of water and other various types of debris. The Model 3 all-weather floor mats don’t come with sidewalls nearly as big, which is a bit disappointing if you’re used to custom fit WeatherTech mats.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Made in a partnership with WeatherTech

That said, these floor mats are a big improvement over the fabric mats that ship with the Model 3. Not only are they functional, but they look quite decent to …boot.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Understated good looks

Tesla’s official Model 3 all-weather floor mats feature sidewalls that are approximately 10mm tall. This will do an okay job of securing water and debris, preventing it from migrating to the floor beneath. There are also channels that run vertically down the entirety of the floor mats. These channels also help to trap water, debris, and can also pull off the various material that may be stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Side wall and channels to keep water and debris trapped

On the bottom of the front floor mats, you’ll find round hook-and-loop fastener patches to keep the mats securely fastened to the floor below. After installation, I noticed that the patches adhere to the mats using glue, and this glue isn’t strong enough to prevent the patches from partially separating from the mats when pulling them up from the carpet.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Hook-and-loop fastener for securing the floor mats

The rear mats lack such fastener patches, instead opting for an interlocking setup that attach both rear mats together to create one solid piece. I prefer this setup to single piece rear mats, as it makes removing them for cleaning much easier.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

The rear mats interlock to create one contiguous piece

Looks wise, I think Tesla and WeatherTech nailed it. There are no funky logos, overly complex patterns, or anything else that needlessly draws attention to the mats. They’re floor mats after all, and an understated look is much preferred in my opinion. On the side near the doors, there is a simple Tesla insignia, which adds the slight bit of needed pizzaz that perfectly fits the low-key look of these mats.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Functionality wise these Model 3 all-weather floor mats should do a fairly decent job of keeping your interior floor well dry and free of debris. The 10mm side wall, however, probably won’t be able to handle an abundance of debris or water when compared to traditional WeatherTech mats with extremely high side walls.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Third party floor mats from 3D Max Spider provide better coverage


As you’ll notice in the video, there is still quite a bit of carpet exposed with these floor mats installed. If you live in a region that gets tons of snow on a regular basis, you may have to think twice about this. There are other third-party all weather floor mat options that may do a better job in this area.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Another complaint that I have about the official Tesla Model 3 mats is that they lack coverage for the dead pedal area in the upper left-hand corner of the driver’s side. Unlike some WeatherTech mats for other vehicles, and Tesla Model 3 mats from certain third-parties, the dead pedal area is left exposed, making it easy for dirt, water and grime to attach to it, or worse, slide under the dead pedal and on to your carpet below. This is another area where these mats disappoint me, as the dead pedal gets plenty of use as I’m driving.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Driving Preparation

Although they may seem expensive, they appear to be tough enough to endure the months of enduring winter weather.  What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model 3 all weather interior floor mats? Sound off in the comments below with your opinion.

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