Is the Tesla Model 3 Faster Than a Porsche 911?

YouTube creator Nico Rosberg staged an epic showdown between the Model 3 and Porsche.  And what better place to do a drag race than the Monaco pier?  It’s just crazy to see Tesla’s entry-level model performing at this incredible level.  We’ve seen the Tesla Model 3 Performance outperform the iconic Porsche 911 on many occasions. This is crazy to us since the 911 is an icon for the brand and one of the best-performing cars on the planet to date.

Sure, in many matchups, the Model 3 is probably not going to surpass the Porsche 911 overall. However, we’re talking about Tesla’s entry-level model – albeit in its Performance configuration – against one of the top performance dogs in the industry.

The 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance carries a starting price of $56,990. You can get a completely redesigned 2020 base Porsche 911 for around $97,000. However, the 911 GT3 will set you back over $143,000.

Check out the video below courtesy of Nico and let us know what you think about the Tesla Model 3 Performance overall. While it’s not going to surpass many luxury sports cars on a number of levels, it’s still incredible to see how well it’s able to perform. This is just a testament to the future of all-electric powertrains. We still need a fully electric Porsche 911 at some point. Keep your fingers crossed for that day to arrive.

Watch the Video Here:

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